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School of History

HST5396 - Black Metropolis: London, New York and Paris from Imperialism to Decolonisation

Module code: HST5396

Credits: 15

Module Convenor: Dr Sarah Dunstan

Throughout the 20th century the cities of London, New York and Paris became important sites of various black internationalist political and cultural movements. Drawing together methodologies from urban, social and intellectual history, this course will give students a deep understanding of the prominence that London, Paris and New York took on in black life both within England, France and the United States, and internationally. It will encourage students to think of cities as both creations and creators of local, national and international black historical activism from Garveyism to the "New Negro" Movement and the birth of n├ęgritude, through to the West African Students Union movement and Black Pantherism.

Assessment: Seminar Participation 10%, Learning Log 30%, Essay 60%
Level: 5

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