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School of History

HST5701 Curating the Past: Museums, Monuments and the Afterlives of Empire

Module code: HST5701

Credits: 15

This optional module is for second-year students at L5 and builds on the themes and approaches first introduced at L4 in Global Encounters, enabling a more advanced examination of how the past is negotiated in the present.  The module is intended to serve as a bridge between L4 and L6, and takes the place of Empire, Race and Resistance.

This module will contribute to the School of History’s L5 offerings in global history while also providing a unique new option for students interested in the study of empire, heritage and public history. The thematic focus on contested history and issues of race and identity, along with several site visits, will furthermore be attractive to associate students.  Students will explore how the afterlives of empire are negotiated in museums, archives, public monuments and other sites of memory, while also exploring alternative ways that we today come to relate to controversial pasts. 

The module will appeal to students coming from L4 modules in global history, empire and colonialism, as well as drawing students interested in working in heritage, museum or education sectors. This module is designed to further QM's brand as an inclusive institution committed to diversity and to make its offerings attractive to overseas students.

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