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School of History

HST5220 – Violence in Early Modern Europe

Module code: HST5220

Credits: 15
Semester: SEM 1

Module Convenor: Dr Linda Briggs

Violence was rife in early modern Europe. Ordinary people threw insults and drew weapons against one another; apprentices rioted in the streets; Christians feared spiritual attacks from witches and demons; empires forcibly converted and enslaved peoples beyond Europe; and wars raged over religious differences and political borders. Yet violence was not meaningless. This module explores the uses of and motivations for different types of violence. Students will uncover the written and unwritten rules that underpinned early modern society and the consequences when these were not upheld. Visual material and objects are used alongside written sources to access these histories.

Assessment: Book Review (1,000 words) 25% and Essay (3,000 words) 75%
Level: 5