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School of History

HST5370 – Art and Society in Nineteenth-Century Britain and France

Module code: HST5370

Credits: 15

Module Convenor: Dr Chloe Ward

The nineteenth century saw the birth of many revolutionary artistic practices that transformed the visual culture of Europe. Industrialisation, urbanisation, and colonialism brought about a new social order, and artists responded by developing artistic styles that addressed society's modern values. This QMUL Model module will explore artistic innovations in Britain and France including Impressionism, Pre-Raphalitism, and the invention of photography. By examining individual art objects and wider art historical themes, we will see how new artistic styles responded to issues like class, gender and race. This module makes use of the rich art collections on offer in London, with seminars taking place at Tate Britain and the National Gallery.

Assessment: Essay 50%, Slide Test 50%
Level: 5

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