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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

SPA Colloquia

The Colloquium series of the School of Physics and Astronomy aims to attract high profile speakers on topics of broad interest in Physics. A number of the talks are on cutting edge research by physics academics. Others are from speakers with training in physics but pursuing interesting careers outside academia. The Colloquium series includes Physics across Disciplines events, where we typically have short talks by a number of speakers : physicists, biologists, engineers and others who apply physics ideas and techniques to diverse scientific problems.

Physics is defined by its big questions about the nature of the universe as well as its techniques and results while, to some extent, it is simply what physicists do. The Colloquium is a mirror of this duality. It follows in the tradition of Departmental seminars previously organised by Prof. John Charap. A Complete List of These Seminars Dating Back To 1965 [PDF 285KB]

The audience for the colloquia is diverse, including faculty, post-docs, PhD students as well as undergraduates. We ask speakers to keep a good part of the talks broadly accessible to advanced undergraduates.

Future and past seminars  

No events are scheduled for this period. Please check again later.

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