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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Subatomic tests of qbits using the Belle 2 experiment

Research Group:
Number of Students: 1
Length of Study in Years: 3.5
Full-time Project: yes


  • Available to Home and international applicants.
  • Applicant required to start in September 2024.
  • The studentship arrangement will cover home tuition fees and provide an annual stipend for up to three years (Currently set for 2023/23 as £20,622).
  • International students note that this studentship only covers home tuition fees and students will need to cover the difference in fees between the home and overseas basic rate from external sources. 

Project Description

The Belle 2 experiment at KEK in Tsukuba, Japan, accumulates data from collisions of electrons and positrons. This results in the creation of entangled pairs of neutral B mesons, as well as pairs of charged B mesons and other final states, like tau leptons pairs.  Entangled neutral B mesons are sub-atomic qbits that can be analysed via their decays to flavour specific eigenstates and CP eigenstates.  These are filter analogues of the spin selectors in a Stern Gerlach experiment that enable fundamental tests of discrete symmetries and quantum mechanics.  This project focuses on using data from Belle 2 to explore these quantum entangled systems.  For students with a good mathematical background who want a combination of particle physics analysis and the opportunity to undertake some phenomenological investigations to guide that analysis, you will have the (optional)  opportunity to explore ideas related to possible new types of measurement that could constitute new ways to search for “new physics” beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics.  With the recent detector upgrades having been completed at Belle 2 now is an ideal time to join the experiment to perform these measurements. 


You will be supervised by two world leading scientists in the field of heavy flavour physics who run the Belle 2 group at QMUL, and will have the opportunity to complete a service task for authorship qualification on the experiment that will have a broad impact on the scientific output of the whole Belle 2 collaboration. 

Supervisor Contact Details:

For more information on this project please contact Adrian Bevan ( 

Deadline - 31st of January 2024

Application Method:

To apply for this studentship please select September entry in the following page:



The minimum requirement for this studentship opportunity is a good Honours degree (minimum 2(i) honours or equivalent) or MSc/MRes in a relevant discipline.

If English is not your first language you will require a valid English certificate equivalent to IELTS 6.5+ overall with a minimum score of 6.0 in Writing and 5.5 in all sections (Reading, Listening, Speaking).

SPCS Academics: Professor Adrian Bevan