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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

The Price-Priestley Newsletter 4 (1980)

Price-Priestley Newsletter 4(1980) [PDF 19,743KB]

Editorial, 2


The Library of Richard Price, Richard Brinkley, 4-15

The Irony of History: Priestley’s Rational Theology, Margaret Canovan, 16-25

Price and Priestley at Gravel pit chapel, Hackney, Alan Ruston, 26-29

When did David Hume meet Richard Price?, John Stephens, 30-39

Richard Price’s shorthand, Beryl Thomas, 40-42

Richard Price and the Population Controversy, D O Thomas, 43-62


The Dissenting School at Fieldhead, Birstall, C S Briggs, 63-64

An Unrecorded Letter from Theophilus Lindsey to William Tayleur, John Stephens, 65-68

Richard Price and Carmarthen Academy, Gwyn Walters, 69


Bernard Peach, ed., Richard Price and the Ethical Foundations of the American Revolution, D D Raphael, 70-73


Joseph Priestley Associates, John Romberger, 74


Priestley Pedigree, J J Hoecker, 75-78

Request for Information, 42


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