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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 11 (1992)

Enlightenment and Dissent 11(1992) [PDF 25,512KB]

Editorial, 1


Late Latitudinarianism: the case of David Hartley, Jack Fruchtman Jr., 3-22

Kant and religious doctrine, Elizabeth Galbraith, 23-45

Master, slave, and mistresss in Wollstonecraft’s Vindication, D L Macdonald, 46-57

Liberty or luxury: Catherine Macaulay Graham and the socio-economic foundation of the state, B B Schnorrenberg, 58-69

Enlightenment psychology and individuality: the roots of J.S. Mill’s concept of the self, G W Smith, 70-86

Literally Orthodox: Samuel Johnson’s Anglicanism, Jane Steen, 87-106


Society Restored and its authors, J Dybikowski, 107-14

Review Article

S M Dworetz, The Unvarnished Doctrine, Locke, Liberalism and the American Revolution, B Peach, 115–20


D O Thomas, ed., The Correspondence of Richard Price, vol, 2, J Dybikowski, 121-23

Isaac Kramnick, Republicanism and bourgeois radicalism: political ideology in late eighteenth-century England and America, H T Dickinson, 124-25

David MacGregor, Hegel, Marx and the English state, David Lamb, 126-28

Howard Williams, Hegel, Heraclitus and Marx’s Dialectic, David MacGregor, 129-31

John Hedley Brooke, Science and religion. Some historical perspectives, D D Raphael, 132-34

Bridget Hill, The republican virago. The life and times of Catharine Macaulay Graham, historian, B B Schnorrenberg, 135-36

Giannes Plangensis, Hyle kai Pneuma. Sie Philosophike Skepse tou Joseph Priestley, D A Rees, 137

Manfred Buschmeier, Die gesellschaft und das Geld. Untersuchungen zum Geld in englishchen Romanen und Komödien der ‘sentimental era’, Michael Szczekalla, 138-40

Knud Haakonssen, Thomas Reid. ‘Practical Ethics’, D O Thomas, 141-45

James Bradley, Religion, revolution and English radicalism. Non-conformity in eighteenth-century politics and society, R K Webb, 146-50

Peter Harrison, ‘Religion’ and the religions of the English Enlightenment, S Nantlais Williams, 151-54

Alan Sell, Dissenting thought and the life of the Churches: Studies in an English Tradition, David Wykes, 155-57


‘Nantes and the death of Richard Price’, Oliver Stutchbury, 158


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