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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 3 (1984)

Enlightenment and Dissent 3(1984) [PDF 21,179KB]

Editorial, 1


Jansenism and the enlightenment, Geoffrey Bremner, 3-14

David Williams and the eighteenth century distinction between civil and political liberty, J Dybikowski, 15-40

Dr. Priestley’s religious philosophy of history and Dr. Jefferson’s failure of republican nerve, Roderick S French, 41-54

Joseph Priestley and utilitarianism in the age of reason, James J Hoecker, 55-64

Samuel Clarke on the existence of God, Alan P F Sell, 65-76

The economic thought of Joseph Priestley, Chuhei Sugiyama, 77-90

Karl Marx and Richard Price, Howard Williams, 91-98


The missing archive of John Evans of Islington, John Arthur Oddy, 99-100

Joseph Priestley at Hackney: The Collier MS.: An additional note, Alan Ruston, 101-2

Samuel Horsley and Joseph Priestley’s Disquisitions relating to matter and spirit, John Stephens, 103-14


John McLachlan, Joseph Priestley, man of science, 1783-1804. An iconography of a great Yorkshireman, Derek A Davenport. 115-16

Jack Fruchtman, Jr., The apocalyptic politics of Richard Price and Joseph Priestley: a study in eighteenth century English republican millenialism, D D Raphael, 116-118

The correspondence of Richard Price, vol. 1: July 1748 – Mar 1778, ed. D O Thomas and W Bernard Peach, Boyd Stanley Schlenther, 118-120


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