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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 14 (1995)

Enlightenment and Dissent 14(1995) [PDF 22,697KB]

Editorial, 1


Mary Hays: finding a ‘voice’ in Dissent, Marilyn Brooks, 3-24

Sir William Jones’s ‘The Principles of Government’ (1782) in its relation to Wales, Caryl Davies, 25-51

“Master of Practical Magnetics”: the construction of an eigtheenth-century natural philosopher, Patricia Fara, 52-87

A Hitherto Unpublished Letter of Joseph Priestley, Jenny Graham, 88-104

Mary Wollstonecraft’s Theodicy and the Theory of Progress, Gordon Spence, 105-127

Richard Ashcraft on John Locke’s Two Treatises, D O Thomas, 128-54


G J Barker-Benfield, The Culture of Sensibility: Sex and Society in Eighteenth-Century Britain, Jane Spencer, 155-56

Robert D Cornwall, Visible and Apostolic: the Constitution of the Church in High Church Anglican and Non-Juror Thought, P B Knockles. 157-60

Yannis Plangesis, Phileleutherismos kai theoria demokratias. He ennoia tes eleutherias sten politike skepse tou Joseph Priestley (Liberalism and democratic theory: The concept of liberty in Joseph Priestley’s political thought), D A Rees, 161-62

Books Received, 163-165


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