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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 18 (1999)

Enlightenment and Dissent 18(1999) [PDF 39,096KB]

Editorial, vii


Richard Price and the moral foundations of Mary Wollstonecraft’s feminism, Saba Bahar, 1-15

James Losh (1763-1833): Dissenter and Reformer, Jeffrey Smith, 16-56


John Toland’s Letter concerning toleration to the Dissenting Ministers, James Dybikowski, 57-83


‘All truth, all righteous things’: the correspondence of Caleb Fleming and Sylas Neville, 1769 G M Ditchfield, 84-123

‘This unhappy country of ours’: extracts of letters, 1793-1801, of Theophilus Lindsey, Jenny Graham, 124-62

Eleven newly-discovered letters of Theophilus Lindsey, Boyd Stanley Schlenther, 163-86

Review Articles

Hume’s connections, D O Thomas, 187-98

An artisan of the floating word: Thomas Paine and his historians, David Wilson, 199-217

Abraham Anderson The treatise of the three impostors and the problem of enlightenment, James Dybikowski, 218-32


Hartmut Lehmann & Guenther Roth, eds., Weber’s Protestant ethics: origins, evidence, contexts, James Bradley, 233-36

William McCarthy & Elizabeth Kraft, eds, The Poems of Anna Letitia Barbauld, Marilyn Brooks, 236-40

Ruth Watts, Gender, Power and the Unitarians 1760-1860, Marilyn Brooks, 240-42

Robert E Schofield, The Enlightenment of Joseph Priestley. A Study of his Life and Work from 1733 to 1773, Margaret Canovan, 242-45

P J Corfield & C Evanseds, Youth and Revolution in the 1790s. Letters of William Pattisson, Thomas Amyot and Henry Crabb Robinson, Jenny Graham, 246-54

Lisbeth Haakonsssen, Medicine and morals in the Enlightenment: John Gregory, Thomas Percival and Benjamin Rush, Christopher Lawrence, 255-57

Jack Fruchtman, Jr. ed., An eye-witness account of the French Revolution by Helen Maria Williams: Letters containing a sketch of the politics of France, Emma Vincent Macleod, 257-60

James E Crimmins ed., Utilitarianism and religion; Alan P F Sell ed., Mill and religion, Victor Nuovo, 260-63

Alan P F Sell, John Locke and the Eighteenth-Century Divines, G A J Rogers, 263-70

Thomas C Pfizenmaier, The Trinitarian theology of Dr. Samuel Clarke (1675-1729). Context, sources and controversy, Alan P F Sell, 270-75

W M Spellman, John Locke, Alan P F Sell, 275-76

Quentin Skinner, Liberty before liberalism, D O Thomas, 276-80

Books received, 281-84


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