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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 25 (2009)

Special Issue: Isaac Newton in the Eighteenth Century, edited by Stephen D Snobelen

Enlightenment and Dissent 25(2009) [PDF 1,709KB]

Editorial: Stephen D Snobelen, v-vi


Two eighteenth-century translators of Newton’s Opticks: Pierre Coste and Jean-Paul Marat, Jean-François Baillon, 1-28

Newton’s ‘Paradoxical questions concerning the morals & actions of Athanasius and his followers’ and its intellectual origins, Raquel Delgado Moreira, 29-61

‘Newtonian’ elements in Locke, Hume, and Reid, or: How far can one stretch a label?, Steffen Ducheyne, 62-105

Holy Grail, (almost) wholly Newton: revisiting the Newtonian and Anti-Newtonian elements in Alexander Pope’s Essay on man, James E Force, 106-34

Newton and the Parisian Academie Royale des Sciences, 1699-1727, Lisa Mullins, 135-66

Hume’s attack on Newton’s philosophy, Eric Schliesser, 167-203

Isaac Newton, heresy laws and the persecution of dissent, Stephen Snobelen, 204-59

A sheep in the midst of wolves: reassessing Newton and English deists, Jeffrey R Wigelsworth, 260-86

Review Article

‘Something odd is happening here’: Captain Cook’s last days, Jonathan Lamb, 287- 97


Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent and Christine Blondel, eds, Science and spectacle in the European Enlightenment, John Hedley Brooke, 298-300

Christopher Leslie Brown, Moral capital; foundations of British abolitionism, Anthony Page, 300-4

Joyce Chumbley and Leo Zonneveld, eds, Thomas Paine: in search of the common good, Jack Fruchtman, 304-6

G M Ditchfield, ed, The letters of Theophilus Lindsey (1723-1808), vol 1, 1747-1788, William Gibson, 306-8

Mary Hilton and Jill Shefrin, eds, Educating the child in Enlightenment Britain: beliefs, cultures, practices, Jeremy Black, 308-9

Steven Johnson, The invention of air. A story of science, faith, revolution, and the birth of America, John G McEvoy, 310-313

Christa Knellwolf and Jane Goodall, eds, Frankenstein’s science: experimentation and discovery in romantic culture, 1780-1830, Larry Stewart, 313-16

F P Lock, Edmund Burke: volume II, 1784-1797, H T Dickinson, 316-20

Michael North, Material delight and the joy of living: cultural consumption in the age of Enlightenment in Germany, Thomas Munck, 320-21

Karen O’Brien, Women and Enlightenment in eighteenth-century Britain, Arianne Chernock, 322-25

Richard B Sher, The Enlightenment and the book: Scottish authors and their publishers in eighteenth-century Britain, Ireland, and America, Mark Towsey, 325-28

Ann Thomson, Bodies of thought: science, religion, and the soul in the early Enlightenment, James Dybikowski. 329-34

Jose R Torre, The Enlightenment in America, 1720-1825, Mark G Spencer, 334-39


Richard C Allen, David Hartley’s ‘Observations on the progress to happiness’ discovered, 340-42


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