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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 5 (1986)

Enlightenment and Dissent 5(1986) [PDF 17,110KB]

Editorial, 1


Ideology and the English Jacobins: The case of William Thelwall, Geoffrey Gallop, 3-20

A few observations on David Hume and Richard Price on miracles, H S Price, 21-38

The epistemological strategy of Price’s ‘Review of morals’, John Stephens, 39-50

Matthew Tindal on perfection, positivity and the life divine, Stephen N Williams, 51-69


Two Priestley documents, Jeremy Black, 71-72

‘The short but comprehensive story of a farmer bull’, Alan Ruston, 73-75

Review Article

Paradigms and tradition, D O Thomas, 81-97


Howard Williams, Kant’s political philosophy, T C Hopton, 99-102

M M Goldsmith, Private vices, public benefits, W A Speck, 103-5


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