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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

The Price-Priestley Newsletter 3 (1979)

Price-Priestley Newsletter 3(1979) [PDF 23,897KB]

Editorial, 2


William Godwin and the Rational Dissenters, Martin Fitzpatrick, 4-28

Joseph Priestley as a historian and the idea of progress, James J Koecker, 29-40

Priestley’s polemic against Reid, Alan P F Sell, 41-52

George Cadogan Morgan (1754-98), D O Thomas, 53-70

The auction sale catalogue (1796) of the library of Andrew Kippis, ‘Literary ornament of the Dissenters’, Gwyn Walters, 71-78


Priestley as preacher, Peter Godrey, 40


A checklist of the published works of Richard Price, P A L Jones and D O Thomas, 79-106


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