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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

The Price-Priestley Newsletter 2 (1978)

Price-Priestley Newsletter 2(1978) [PDF 415KB]

Editorial, 2-3


Richard Watson and the debate on toleration in the late eighteenth century, Timothy Brain, 4-26

Two concepts of liberty: eighteenth century style, Margaret Canovan, 27-43

Joseph Priestley and the reification of religion, James J Hoecker, 44-75

On what point did Richard Price convince David Hume of a mistake? with a note by Henri Laboucheix, Bernard Peach, 76-81

Richard Price’s pamphlets in America: A new edition, Bernard Peach, 82-97


Rice Price’s will, D O Thomas, 98-107

Richard Price and Rice Price, J Gwynn Williams, 107

Requests for information, 108-9


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