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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 29 (2014)

Enlightenment and Dissent 29(2014) [PDF 2,410KB]


H T Dickinson, Lesser British Jacobin and Anti-Jacobin Writers during the French Revolution, 1-41

William Stafford, Concepts of modesty and humility: the eighteenth-century British discourses, 42-78

Gina Luria Walker, The Invention of Female Biography, 79-136


Scott Mandelbrote and Michael Ledger-Lomas eds., Dissent and the Bible in Britain, c. 1650-1950, David Bebbington, 137-40

W A Speck, A Political Biography of Thomas Paine, H T Dickinson, 140-43

H B Nisbet, Gottfried Ephraim Lessing: His Life, Works & Thought, J C Lees, 143-47

Lisa Curtis-Wendlandt, Paul Gibbard and Karen Green eds., Political Ideas of Enlightenment Women, Emma Macleod, 147-50

Jon Parkin and Timothy Stanton eds., Natural Law and Toleration in the Early Enlightenment, Alan P F Sell, 150-54

Alan P F Sell, The Theological Education of the Ministry: Soundings in the British Reformed and Dissenting Traditions, Leonard Smith, 155-57

David Sekers, A Lady of Cotton. Hannah Greg, Mistress of Quarry Bank Mill, Ruth Watts, 158-61

Short Notice

William Godwin. An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice ed. with intro. Mark Philp, Martin Fitzpatrick, 161-62


The Diary of Hannah Lightbody: errata and addenda, David Sekers, 163-67


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