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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 28 (2012)

Enlightenment and Dissent 28(2012) [PDF 2,406KB]

Editorial, v

In Memoriam: Emeritus Professor R K Webb, Anthony Page, vi-viii


‘The right of private judgement, with the care of public safety’: the Church of England’s perceptions of Protestant Dissent in the later eighteenth Century, G M Ditchfield, 1-23

Richard Price on patriotism and universal benevolence, Rémy Duthille, 24-41

Enlightenment, Dissent and toleration, Martin Fitzpatrick, 42-72

Preaching to the unconverted: rationality and repression in the 1790s, Mark Philp, 73-88

Separatists and Dissenters amidst the arguments for and against toleration: some soundings, 1550-1689, Alan P F Sell, 89-118

The influence of Rousseau on Paine’s political thought, Carine Lounissi, 119-149

William Priestley vindicated, with a previously unpublished letter, Tony Rail, 150-195

Review Articles

Sensible Britons and the American Revolution, Anthony Page, 196-220

Philosophy and religion in Enlightenment Britain, Alan P F Sell, 221-234


Nadine Bérenguier, Conduct books for girls in Enlightenment France, Arianne Chernock, 235-237

Mark Curran, Atheism, religion and Enlightenment in pre-revolutionary Europe, J C Lees, 238-240

G M Ditchfield, The letters of Theophilus Lindsey (1723-1808), vol 2, 1789-1808, Anthony Page, 240-244

James Dybikowski, The correspondence of Anthony Collins (1676-1729), freethinker, Jacopo Agnesina, 244-248

Jonathan I Israel, Democratic Enlightenment: philosophy, revolution, and human rights, John Gascoigne, 248-254

Kristian Jensen, Revolution and the antiquarian book: reshaping the past, 1780-1815, Mark Towsey, 254-257

Paul F Rice, British music and the French Revolution and Audio CD, Great Britain Triumphant, Mark Philp, 258-260

Alan P F Sell, Philosophy, history, and theology: selected reviews 1975-2011, Louise Hickman, 261-262

Nathaniel Wolloch, History and nature in the enlightenment praise of the mastery of nature in eighteenth-century historical literature, K E Smith, 263-266

Books Received, 267


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