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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 21 (2002)

Enlightenment and Dissent 21(2002) [PDF 3,477KB]

Editorial, viii


Preface and introduction to John Disney’s Diary, D O Thomas, 1-41

John Disney’s Diary. I January 1783-17 May 1784, D O Thomas, 42-127

Charles Polhill and The Chronicle of the Kingdom of Heaven, Sheldon Cohen, 128-36

The Chronicle of the Kingdom of Heaven, Sheldon Cohen, 137-62

Review Articles

The different faces of Mary Wollstonecraft, Pam Clemit, 163-69

Enlightenment in Australia, Anthony Page, 170-82


Gillian Russell and Clara Tuite eds., Romantic sociability: social networks and literary culture in Britain 1770-1840, Damian Walford Davies, 183-88

Robert Rix ed., ‘A Political Dictionary Explaining the True Meaning of Words’ by Charles Piggott. A facsimile of the 1795 edition, Martin Fitzpatrick, 189-92

Anthony Page, John Jebb and the Enlightenment Origins of British Radicalism, Emma Vincent Macleod, 193-95

Pamela Edwards, The Statesman’s Science: History, Nature, and Law in the Political Thought of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Tim Milnes, 195-98

Martin Fitzpatrick, Peter Jones, Christa Knellwolf eds., The Enlightenment World, Alan P F Sell, 198-209

William Gibson, Enlightenment prelate: Benjamin Hoadly (1676-1761), D O Thomas, 209-15

Sheldon S Cohen, British Supporters of the American Revolution 1775-1783. The Role of the ‘Middling-level’ Activists, Peter D G Thomas, 215-17

Books received, 217-18


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