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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 16 (1997)

Special Issue: Samuel Clarke, edited by James Dybikowski

Enlightenment and Dissent 16 (1997) [PDF 1,065KB]

Editorial, J Dybikowski, 1-2


‘Commanded of God, because ’tis Holy and Good’: The Christian Platonism and Natural Law of Samuel Clarke, Martha K Zebrowski, 3-28

The argument from the need for similar or ‘higher’ qualities: Cudworth, Locke and Clarke on God’s existence, J J Mackintosh, 29-59

Clarke and Leibniz on divine perfection and freedom, William L Rowe, 60-82

Clarke’s ‘Almighty Space’ and Hume’s Treatise, Paul Russell, 83-113

Reason and revelation in Samuel Clarke’s epistemology of morals, D O Thomas, 114-35

Samuel Johnson, Samuel Clarke and the toleration of heresy, Chester Chapin, 136-50

Caution, conscience and the Newtonian reformation: the public and private heresies of Newton, Clarke and Whiston, Stephen Snobelen, 151-84

The Library of Samuel Clarke, Stephen Snobelen, 185-97

Samuel Clarke bibliography, J Dybikowski, 198-207


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