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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 17 (1998)

Special Issue: Enlightenment, Religion, Science and Popular Culture in the Late Eighteenth Century, edited by Martin Fitzpatrick and Iain McCalman

Enlightenment and Dissent 17 (1998) [PDF 36,177KB]

Editorial, vii


Paternalism and Expertise: A Physician’s Legacy, Lisbeth Haakonssen, 1-16

Perspectives on David Hartley, R K Webb, 17-47

Enlightenment and a ‘Second Reformation’: the religion and philosophy of John Jebb (1736-86), Anthony Page, 48-82

Science, religion and the foundations of morality in Enlightenment Britain, John Gascoigne, 83-103

Methodism and Popular Science in the Enlightenment, Peter Lineham, 104-25

Anti-Newtonianism and eighteenth-century Dissent, Kevin Knox, 126-53

The mystery of Count Cagliostro: alchemy, prophecy, and the end of the Enlightenment, Iain McCalman, 154-71

‘Through the glass of history’: some reflections on historical knowledge in the thought of Joseph Priestley, Martin Fitzpatrick, 172-209

Paine and Science, Mark Philp, 210-249


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