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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 19 (2000)

Enlightenment and Dissent 19(2000) [PDF 32,439KB]

Editorial: D O Thomas, Martin Fitzpatrick, vii-x

D O Thomas: an appreciation, W Bernard Peach, xi-xiii


Smith and Bentham on jurisprudence: English Utilitarianism in contrast with the Scottish Enlightenment, Yoshio Nagai, 1-22

Democratic virtues: between candour and preference falsification, Mark Philp, 23-44

Richard Price, Josiah Tucker, John Locke and D O Thomas, W Bernard Peach, 45-59

Perspectives on Priestley’s science, John McEvoy, 60-77

Monism, Unitarianism and phlogiston in Joseph Priestley’s natural philosophy, Robert E Schofield, 78-90

Andrew Fuller and the Socinians, Alan P F Sell, 91-115

Optimism and pessimism in the Enlightenment, D A Rees, 116-32

Conscience and the epistemology of morals: Richard Price’s debt to Joseph Butler, John Stephens, 133-46

Price among the Unitarians, Robert K Webb, 147-70

Christian Garve and Immanuel Kant: Theory and Practice in the German Enlightenment, Howard Williams, 171-92

We may venture to say, that the number of Platonic Readers is considerable: Richard Price, Joseph Priestley, and the Platonic strain in eighteenth-century British thought, Martha K Zebrowski, 193-213

James Dybikowski, A Bibliography of D O Thomas, 214-23


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