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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 13 (1994)

Enlightenment and Dissent 13(1994) [PDF 20,487KB]

Editorial, 1


The Enlightenment and its Background: Some Features, D A Rees, 3-48


Joseph Priestley’s Journal while at Daventry Academy, 1754,Tony Rail and Beryl Thomas, 49-113


E S de Beer, ed., The correspondence of John Locke, vol. VIII ; Peter H. Nidditch & G A Rogers, eds., Drafts for the “Essay Concerning Human Understanding” and other philosophical writings, vol. 1: Drafts A and B; John W & Jean S. Yolton eds., John Locke, Some thoughts concerning education, Richard Kroll, 114-20

William Cobbett, Peter Porcupine in America: Pamphlets on Republicanism and Revolution, ed. David A Wilson. Colin Bonwick, 121-24

The Northumberland County Historical Society. Proceedings and Addresses. Volume XXXII, Martin Fitzpatrick, 125-30

W Bernard Peach ed., The correspondence of Richard Price: Vol. III, February 1786-February 1791, James Dybikowski, 131-35

Alan P.F. Sell, Commemorations. Studies in Christian Thought and History, Martin Fitzpatrick, 136-43

Books received, 144-45


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