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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Enlightenment and Dissent 2 (1983)

Enlightenment and Dissent 2 (1983) [PDF 22,102KB]

Editorial, 1-2


Joseph Priestley: Emigrant and Jeffersonian, Colin Bonwick, 3-22

Paternalistic Liberalism: Joseph Priestley on Rank and Inequality, Margaret Canovan, 23-38

Joseph Priestley and Early English Zionism, Jack Fruchtman, Jr., 39-46

Enlightenment and Dissent in Science: Joseph Priestley and the limits of Theoretical Reasoning, John G McEvoy, 47-68

Joseph Priestley: Theology, Physics and Metaphysics, Robert E Schofield, 69-82

Joseph Priestley and Education, Ruth Watts, 83-100


Three Unpublished Letters of Joseph Priestley, G M Ditchfield, 101-6

Joseph Priestley in Hackney, Mike Grey, 107-110

Joseph Priestley at the Gravel Pit Chapel Hackney: The Collier MS., Alan Ruston, 111-19

Priestley’s polemic against Reid: An additional note, Alan P F Sell, 121


Trevor H Levere, Poetry realized in nature: Samuel Taylor Coleridge and early nineteenth century science, G N Cantor, 123-24

B J Tysdahl, William Godwin as novelist, K E Smith, 125-28


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