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Blizard Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Centre for Immunobiology

The Centre for Immunobiology combines top-quality research and education in immunology, with particular focus on acute and chronic inflammatory disease, lymphocyte development, and the mucosal immune system.

Our research investigates the major mechanisms by which the immune system functions, with the ultimate aim of easing the burden of major immune-related public health issues, including:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Liver diseases such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B and non-viral liver illnesses
  • Exploring treatments for haemophilia
  • Antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics
  • Type I diabetes


Daniel J. Pennington, Professor of Molecular Immunobiology;
Tim Warner, Professor of Vascular Inflammation;
Ian Sanderson, Emeritus Professor of Paediatric Gastroenterology;
Graham Foster, Professor of Hepatology (Clinical Research Lead, Centre for Immunobiology);
Ping Wang, Professor of Mucosal Immunobiology;
John Pasi, Professor of Haemostasis and Thrombosis,
David Leslie, Professor Diabetes and Autoimmunity;
James Lindsay, Professor of Inflammatory Bowel Disease; 
Aine McKnight, Professor of Viral Pathology (Gender and Ethnic Lead);
Paolo Pozzilli, Professor of Diabetes and Clinical Research; 
Paul Kelly, Professor of Tropical Gastroenterology; 
Andy Stagg, Reader in Immunology;
Neil McCarthy, MRC Career Development Fellow; Lecturer in Immunology;
Patrick Kennedy, Reader in Hepatology;
Will Alazawi, Reader in Hepatology;
Heinke Kunst, Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine;
Dan Hart, Senior Clinical Lecturer in Haematology;
Louisa James, Lecturer in Immunobiology;
David Wareham, Clinical Senior Lecturer;
Dr Jane Deayton, Clinical Senior Lecturer in HIV;
Samir Agawal, Senior Lecturer in Haemotology;
Pierre Maillard, Lecturer in Immunology/UKRI Future Leaders Fellow;
Helen Rowe, Senior Lecturer in Epigenetics;
Thibault Griseri, Lecturer in Immunology;
Lucinda Hall, Deputy Director for Education and Undergraduate Science Academic Lead;

Dame Parveen Kumar, Professor of Medicine & Education; 

Nick Croft, Reader in Clinical Paediatric Gastroenterology;

Jean Marie Delalande, Non-Clinical Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Clinical Education Lead;

Michele Branscombe, Lecturer in Infectious Science and Postgraduate Taught Education Lead;

Olivier Marches, Lecturer, Undergraduate Education Lead,

Alicia Green, Postgraduate Teaching Fellow;

Debra Marcos, Postgraduate Clinical Teaching Fellow;

Centre Lead

Professor Daniel J. Pennington, Professor of Molecular Immunology



Centre Manager

Mrs Nici Kingston

Tel: 020 7882 7191



Centre Administrator

Mr Abdul Monaf

Tel: 020 7882 7278



Centre for Immunobiology
Blizard Institute
The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
4 Newark Street
London E1 2AT

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