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Blizard Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr Paul Armstrong, BSc Hons, MRes, PhD, AFHEA

Lecturer in Pharmacology

Centre: Immunobiology

Telephone: +44 (0)207 882 2305
Twitter: @Plateletpaul


I completed my BSc in Pharmacology at the University of Edinburgh, before undertaking a PhD at the William Harvey Research Institute finishing in 2009. Following a postdoc at the Baker Institute in Melbourne Australia, I returned to London and the Blizard Institute and was appointed as Lecturer in Pharmacology in 2020.

Centre: Immunobiology

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  • Cardiac and Vascular Medicine MRes
  • BMedSci Clinical Vascular Pharmacology


Research Interests:

My research focus is the pharmacology and function of platelets. In particular I seek to understand i) how platelet turnover in disease influences an individual’s thrombotic risk and ii) how platelet-monocyte aggregates contribute to disease pathophysiology and potential coagulopathies. These findings will help to improve our therapeutic approaches and ultimately patient care.


Key Publications

Vulliamy P, Montague SJ, Gillespie S, Chan MV1, Coupland LA, Andrews RK, Warner TD, Gardiner EE, Brohi K, Armstrong PC. Loss of GPVI and GPIbα contributes to trauma-induced platelet dys-function in severely injured patients. Blood Advances. 2020; 4(12):2623-263.

Armstrong PC, Ferreira PM, Chan MV, Lundberg Slingsby MH, Crescente M, Shih CC, Kirkby NS, Hobbs AJ, Warner TD. Combination of cyclic nucleotide modulators with P2Y12 receptor antagonists as anti-platelet therapy. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. 2020; 18(7):1705-1713.

Mitchell JA, Fisnik Shala F, Elghazouli Y, Warner TD, Gaston-Massuet C, Crescente M, Armstrong PC, Herschman HR and Kirkby NS. Cell-specific gene deletion reveals the anti-thrombotic function of COX-1 and explains the vascular COX-1/prostacyclin paradox. Circulation Research, 2019; 125(9):847-854

Armstrong PC, Hoefer T, Knowles RB, Tucker A, Hayman MA, Ferreira PM, Chan MV, Warner TD; Newly formed reticulated platelets undermine pharmacokinetically short-lived antiplatelet therapies. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. 2017; 37:949-956.

Armstrong PC, Kirkby NS, Chan MV, Finsterbusch M, Warner TD; Novel whole blood assay for phenotyping platelet reactivity in mice identifies icam-1 as a mediator of platelet-monocyte interaction, Blood, 2015; 126 (10):e11-e18.

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