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Dr Andrew Stagg, BSc (Hons), PhD


Non-clinical Senior Lecturer in Immunology

Telephone: 020 7882 8397



Having obtained a first degree from the University of Birmingham, Dr Stagg conducted his PhD studies on T cells responses to Mycobacterium leprae at the National Institute for Medical Research at Mill Hill, London.  His interest in dendritic cells developed during a post-doc in the laboratory of Prof. Stella Knight at the MRC Clinical Research Centre in Harrow where his research focused on the role of these cells in inflammatory joint disease triggered by bacterial infection. Next, Dr Stagg spent a short period at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas , where he explored the role of dendritic cells in a transgenic model of HLA-B27 spondyloarthropathy. Upon his return to the Antigen Presentation Research Group at Imperial College London, Dr Stagg's interests developed into the area mucosal immunology, focusing initially on the genital tract and subsequently on the intestine. He is interested in interactions between dendritic cells and bacteria in regulating intestinal immunity with an emphasis on inflammatory bowel diseases and has continued to develop this research programme has continued since he joined the Blizard Institute in 2007.



Dr Stagg's current research focuses on the regulation of immune activity in the human intestine. His group aims to understand how dendritic cells underpin the tightly regulated recognition of gut bacteria that characterises the healthy intestine and how they contribute to the dysregulated response that underlies inflammatory bowel disease.


Immunology components of the following courses:
MBBS, BSc Infection & Immunity, BSc Biomedical Sciences, MSc Medical Microbiology, MSc Gastroenterology

Topics for PhD supervision:

Dendritic cell biology
Immune regulation in the intestine
The immunology of Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Research Interests:

Dendritic cells and immune regulation at mucosal sites

Recent and ongoing research projects:

  • Retinoic acid metabolism and dendritic cell ‘imprinting’ of lymphocyte homing in inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Modulation of intestinal DC function with bacteria and biological drugs
  • The role of γδ T cells in the early immunological events that lead to inflammatory bowel disease
  • Single cell resolution of phospho-signalling pathways in Crohn’s disease



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