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Logo for the study African Awareness of Cancer and Early Diagnosis AWACAN-ED Project receives £2.99million NIHR Global Health Research Award
18 January 2022

A £2.99 million NIHR Global Health Research Award has been made to fund the AWACAN-ED (Advancing Early Diagnosis of Cancer in Southern Africa) programme.

A busy market in an ethnically-diverse part of London Gaps in antihypertensive and statin treatments and benefits of optimisation in an ethnically diverse socio-economically deprived urban UK population
30 December 2021

Researchers from the Centres for Evaluation and Methods and Primary Care have worked together on a cross-sectional population study to characterise gaps in blood pressure and statin treatments among people at high cardiovascular disease risk in a large urban UK population, and to quantify the health and economic impacts of treatment optimisation.

A person measures their waistline Randomised trial of the 5:2 diet
14 December 2021

The first randomised evaluation of the 5:2 diet, a popular intermittent energy restriction method of weight management, has been carried out among 300 adults, followed up for a year.

A photo of multiple world globes, symbolising our global impact Role of non-governmental organisations in achieving universal health coverage
14 December 2021

A systematic review of 78 studies of non-governmental organisation (NGO) interventions in public health-related activities has shown that NGOs can play a significant role in progress towards universal health coverage.