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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Centre for Psychiatry and Mental Health


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Lead: Professor Claudia Cooper

Deputy Lead: Professor Jennifer Lau

Centre Manager: Victoria Amoah

Centre Administrator: Nikitta Rowe

The Centre for Psychiatry and Mental Health (CPMH) vision is to drive change in mental health and dementia by improving attitudes, prevention, equality, and care; through creating the evidence needed; and by developing the next generation of research and teaching leaders.

CPMH is based within the Wolfson Institute of Population of Health and includes a group of around a hundred researchers, lecturers, PhD students and interns working collaboratively and inclusively to deliver impact for people living with either mental health conditions, multiple long-term conditions, or dementia through:

  • Our clinical and academic expertise: we collaborate with East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) to deliver research programmes that make a difference across services for perinatal, intellectual disability, and across the lifespan. 
  • Developing resources and strategies to support engagement of underserved groups in research.
  • Influencing national policy - we host one of two national NIHR Dementia and Neurodegenerative disease policy research units (DeNPRU-QM).
  • Interdisciplinary research - we collaborate closely with other Centres within Wolfson Institute of Population Health.
  • Nationally conducted research - we work collaboratively with health services and Universities across the UK such as those based in Sheffield and Hull to conduct regionally inclusive research.
  • Conducting global mental health research - we host an NIHR Global health Research Group and World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Services Development.
  • Delivering successful postgraduate taught programmes in mental health and psychiatry.

CPMH is organised into three complementary units:

  • The Unit for Psychological Medicine (UPM) focus on research to reduce inequalities and the effects of life adversity across the lifespan. UPM is home to a large teaching group who deliver a range of postgraduate taught courses, as well as short courses, in mental health and psychiatry.
  • The Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry (USCP) focuses on social interactions in mental health care. USCP has particular strengths in global mental health; and works closely with ELFT in trials of care interventions for people of working age, and intellectual disabilities.

  • The Youth Resilience Unit (YRU) studies how young people use resources in the community to overcome mental distress. The unit collaborates with the mental health services and organisations for young people in the community outside health services.  


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