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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Youth Resilience Unit


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UNIT LEAD Jennifer Lau and
Dennis Ougrin

The Youth Resilience Unit (YRU) is funded by Barts Charity and commenced its work on 1 March 2021. 

The overall aim of the unit is to study how young people (flexible age boundaries) use resources in the community to overcome mental distress. It will work closely with, but be separate from, the Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry.

The YRU launched with a study of a large cohort of young people, fully funded by Barts Charity. The development of Emotional Resilience (DEER) Study is a Barts Charity-funded project involving primary school children in Years 3, 4, and 5 in East London. The DEER study will investigate what helps children to develop resilience to “bounce back” from challenging events and thrive. Their findings will shed light on how schools, families and communities can help to support children when they go through difficult times. The study started recruitment at the end of 2022, and is currently following up nearly 850 primary school aged children.

The YRU is currently based at the Newham Centre for Mental Health (London, UK). It will seek collaboration both with the mental health services and organisations for young people in the community outside health services. 

 Key research areas include emotional disorders, self-harm, suicide and global mental health.

  • Anxiety and Depression.

  • Loneliness.

  • Self-harm and Suicide.

  • Global Mental Health.



Dennis Ougrin – Unit Lead

Jennifer Lau – Unit Lead

Iqra Alam

Aleksandra Matanov - Research Programme Manager

Laura Riddleston - post-Doctoral researcher

Camilla Parker - NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow and Psychiatry Core Trainee

Francois Van Loggerenberg – Research Fellow

Anni Molloy -

Thilipan Thaventhiran -

Ben Wong – Clinical Research Coordinator

Lauren Jerome - PhD Student

Aisling Murray - PhD Student

Mariana Steffan - PhD Student

Ellie Keiler - PhD Student



Newham Centre for Mental Health

Victoria Amoah: 


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