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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Ben Wong

Clinical Research Coordinator



I am a clinical researcher specialised in acute child and adolescent mental health based in the Youth Resilience Unit, working mainly in conjunction with the ELFT and SLaM CAMHS crisis teams. I graduated in BSc Psychology from University College London and completed a MSc in Child and Adolescent Mental Health from King’s College London. Before arriving at the unit, I worked in Lewisham CAMHS delivering low-intensity CBT-based intervention to young people and parents.

At present, I am a senior researcher for the IVY trial. This is a national, multi-centre, randomised controlled trial which aims to investigate the effectiveness of intensive community care teams for children and young people who present with mental health crisis, compared to alternative pathways.

I coordinate an international consortium of psychiatrists, psychologists, and researchers from 35 countries. The consortium was formed to facilitate self-harm research across paediatric emergency units, with the eventual goal to establish a harmonised data infrastructure and develop clinical and research capacity.

My other research focus includes child self-harm and suicide epidemiology, acute mental health team operation. I am also interested in early interventions, risk prevention and help-seeking promotion.


Research Interests:

Child and adolescent psychiatry, global community mental health, self-harm, suicide, psychiatric emergency

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