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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Centre for Cancer Screening, Prevention and Early Diagnosis


Mother with head scarf sitting with daughter


Centre Co-Leads:  Peter Sasieni and Suzanne Scott

Centre Manager: Basia Behnke, 

Centre Administrator: Cam Barrow, 


Screening, Prevention & Epidemiology Unit               Early Diagnosis Unit

Prof. Jo Waller   (Unit co-Lead)                                             Dr. Oleg Blyuss  (Unit co-Lead)    

Prof. Ranjit Manchanda  (Unit co-Lead)                            Dr. Garth Funston  (Unit co-Lead)

Prof. Peter Sasieni                                                                      Prof. Fiona Walter             

Dr. Belinda Nedjai                                                                      Prof. Suzanne Scott               

Dr. Samantha Quaife                                                                Prof. Peter MacCallum 

Dr. Judith Offman                                                                      Dr. Georgia Black    

Prof. Stephen Duffy  (Emeritus)                                           Dr. Yin Zhou

Prof. Jack Cuzick (Emeritus)                                                 Dr. Grace Okoli



The Centre brings together groups focusing on risk prediction, prevention, screening and early detection, and enhancing cancer diagnosis via general practice. We have expertise in general practice, behavioural science, clinical trials, epidemiology, gynaecological oncology, data science, molecular testing and applied health research. Our research projects include:
•    The CanDetect programme to develop tools for early diagnosis of upper digestive tract cancers
•    The Cancer Research UK Cancer Prevention Trials Unit at QMUL (CPTU)
•    The BEST-4 platform focusing on the early detection of Barrett’s oesophagus and prevention of oesophageal adenocarcinoma
•    The NHS-Galleri Trial of a multi-cancer early detection blood test in population screening
•    Population based germline testing for early detection and cancer prevention (PROTECT-C)
•    The AWACAN-ED project to advance early diagnosis of cancer in southern Africa
•    Studies of alternative technologies and strategies for breast, bowel, and cervical screening
•    Studies of new approaches to cervical cancer elimination including new DNA methylation assays, self-sampling, and evaluation of HPV vaccination
•    The PROTECTOR trial of a new two-step surgery to prevent ovarian cancer while preserving ovarian function
•    The DETECT-2 trial which evaluates a direct-to-patient approach for mainstreaming genetic testing after bowel, womb and ovarian cancer diagnosis
•    The PRESCORES study into the quality of life, disutility, and risk thresholds of interventions for endometrial cancer prevention 

The Cancer Behavioural Science group in the centre use their training in psychology and behavioural science research methods to understand the public, patients and healthcare professional perspectives and behaviours about initiatives to encourage prevention and early diagnosis of cancer. We use this to develop and test new ways to improve participation in cancer screening, raise awareness of cancer symptoms, reduce inequalities in engagement with cancer detection strategies, and improve health services to meet the needs of staff and patients.

The Cancer Research UK Cancer Prevention Trials Unit at QMUL (CPTU) is one of seven CRUK core funded clinical trials units. Uniquely, it focuses on late phase trials in cancer screening, prevention and early diagnosis. The unit designs, manages and analyses large and complex trials and looks after patient and public involvement. The portfolio includes: BEST4, NHS-Galleri, FINESSE, and YORKSURe. 

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