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Wolfson Institute of Population Health
JavaException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in query at index 99: click through to see a complete list of Aleksandra\'s publications\n \nOutstanding publications\n\nMatanov A, McNamee P, Akther S, Barber N and Bird V. Acceptability of a technology-supported and solution-focused intervention (DIALOG+) for chronic depression: views of service users and clinicians. BMC Psychiatry (2021):\n\n\nManatnov A, Giacco D, Bogic M, et al. Subjective quality of life in war-affected populations. BMC Public Health (2013): \n\n\nGiacco D, Matanov A and Priebe S. Provifding mental healthcare to immigrants: current challenges and new strategies. Current opinion in psychiatry (2014):\n&flatXML=Y
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