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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Ms Megan Tjasink


Clinical Doctoral Fellow & Art Therapist



I am a doctoral researcher with the Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry at QMUL. I have been seconded from my role as Lead Art Psychotherapist in Cancer and Palliative Psychological Services at Barts Health NHS Trust to undertake my research investigating the use of compassion -focussed group art therapy to address burnout and psychosocial distress in hospital clinicians. The research is funded by the Barts Charity Clinical Research Fellowship and has grown out of 18 years of clinical experience developing and delivering art therapy at Barts Hospital.

I continue to work closely with my team, Cancer Psychological Services, and a broad range of hospital clinicians at Barts Health NHS Trust to develop the innovative and evidence-based application of art therapy to staff support needs.

My PhD supervisors are Professor Stefan Priebe and Dr Catherine Carr.


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