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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry


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UNIT LEAD Professor Stefan Priebe (sabbatical) and Professor Victoria Bird (Acting Lead)

The USCP, based in Newham, collaborates with local services and has international links in Europe, Africa and South America. It provides postgraduate teaching, an extensive research programme and service development. In 2012 it became a WHO Collaborating Centre for mental health service development and is the only such centre in the world.

Research addresses concepts, methods and practice of social and community psychiatry and includes arts-based approaches, development and evaluation of novel interventions, therapeutic relationships, communication and patient reported outcomes.

Core resources are jointly funded through QMUL and ELFT: 2 Professors, a Senior Lecturer, a Clinical Lecturer, and USCP Manager. Additional resources fund around 40 researchers, PhD students and interns.

Research projects are funded by the MRC, Wellcome Trust, NIHR, Department of Health, and the European Commission. Since 2007 it has generated more than £30m external research funding, leading on a number of international studies, with partners in around 19 other countries.

  • Social dimension of mental health care.

  • Concepts, methods and practice of social and community psychiatry.

  • Development and evaluation of novel intervention.

  • Therapeutic relationships.

  • Communication.

  • Patient reported outcomes.

  • Arts based methods.



Ayed, Nadia – PhD Student

Bird, Victoria – Professor

Blunt, Eleanor - CSO

Burn, Erin – Researcher

Carr, Catherine – Clinical Lecturer

Chevalier, Agnes – Trial Manager

Conneely, Mebh – Researcher

Dilgul, Merve – PhD Student

Elliot, Kathryn – Researcher

Faires, Matthew – Research Assistant

French, Jennifer – Researcher

Fung, Catherine – Programme Manager

Halim, Nadia – Research Assistant

Hounsell, Lauren – Research Assistant

Jakaite, Zivile - CSO

Jerome, Lauren – Research Assistant

Jovanovic, Nikolina – Clinical Lecturer

Lopez Chemas, Natalia – Research Assistant

Matanov, Aleksandra – Researcher

Matharu, Harpreet – Trial Manager

McNamee, Philip – Trial Manager

Medlicott, Emma – Trial Manager

Millard, Emma – Research Assistant

Mosler, Franziska – PhD Student

Myerscough, Anna - CSO

Packer, Katy – Research Assistant

Pemovska, Tamara – Research Assistant

Peppl, Renata – Trial Manager

Popnikolova, Teodora – Research Assistant

Power, Nicola – PhD Student

Priebe, Stefan – Professor

Rajabzadeh, Vian – PhD Student

Ramjaun, Gonca - CSO

Romei, Diana – Research Assistant

Russo, Manuela, Trial Manager

Sajun, Sana – Trial Manager

Smith, Jodie – Research Assistant

Suzuki, Mimi – Researcher

Tjasink, Megan – PhD Student (from January 2022)

van Loggerenberg, Francois – Trial Manager

Walker, Anna – Research Assistant


Carolanne Ellis-Brewer (;


Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry

Newham Centre for Mental Health

Glen Road


E13 8SP