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Wolfson Institute of Population Health


The NIHR Policy Research Unit in Dementia and Neurodegeneration at Queen Mary University of London (DeNPRU-QM) launched in January 2024. The Unit is co-led by Professor Claudia Cooper and Professor Sube Banerjee.


About our NIHR Policy Research Unit

We are one of two Policy Research Units funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research(NIHR) to focus on dementia and neurodegenerative diseases. Whilst we are based at Queen Mary University of London, our team includes researchers across England (including at including at UCL, Nottingham, Liverpool, York, Exeter and Newcastle). We will carry out both rapid response and longer term research projects that generate evidence to inform government policy. We can also offer advice to policymakers. 

Our research is structured around four delivery themes:​

  1. Prevention – Could policy help to prevent dementia and neurodegenerative diseases by addressing risk factors?​

  2. Diagnosis & treatment – What is needed to ensure that people receive a timely diagnosis? What new treatments are in the pipeline?

  3. Workforce – What roles and skills are needed to care for people living with dementia and neurodegenerative diseases?

  4. Care service models & integration – How can we structure services to provide the best care?

We also have four cross-cutting themes that will intersect with each of the delivery themes: inequalities, social care, economics and participatory methods.


Professor Claudia Cooper (Unit Lead)

Dr Charlotte Kenten (Operations Manager)

Jo Brown (Communications and Engagement Manager)

Saskia Budgett (Research Assistant) 


For more information about DeNPRU-QM, please email or follow us on twitter @DeNPRU_QM 

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