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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Factors contributing to COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among older adults from ethnic minorities

A nurse preparing a needle injection for female patient

A new study co-authored by Dipesh Gopal (Centre for Primary Care) identifies thirteen factors influencing vaccine uptake among older, ethnic minority individuals, who are at increased risk of contracting and dying from COVID-19, but among whom vaccine hesitancy is high. A systematic review of 28 published studies on vaccine uptake in minority communities globally was followed by a synthesized content analysis, from which researchers identified themes, such as barriers to vaccination (including misinformation or personal beliefs), and factors facilitating access, such as vaccination reminders from healthcare providers. The paper concludes that a tailored, multi-level approach that combines increased education, access, and culturally competent discussions with trusted healthcare professionals to address health beliefs, can maximise the potential impact of widespread vaccination policies.

Bhanu C, Gopal DP, Walters K, Chaudhry UAR. Vaccination uptake amongst older adults from minority ethnic backgrounds: A systematic review. PLoS Med 18(11): e1003826.




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