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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Salt content in pizzas

To coincide with salt awareness week, a new report on the nutritional quality of pizzas in both the retail and the out of home sectors has been released by the WIPH Research and Action on Salt and Obesity team.


High salt intake is the major contributing factor for raised blood pressure, which is responsible for 60% of strokes and 50% of heart disease. The report shows that pizzas contribute 1847 tonnes of salt to UK adult diets each year, and that half of pizzas sold contain the entire daily adult salt allowance or more. Takeaway pizzas contain more than double the amount of salt found in those bought in supermarkets. Reducing the salt content of Dominos pizzas to the current salt dietary targets would potentially remove approximately over 450 tonnes of salt from UK diets.

Action on Salt are calling on the Chancellor to expand the successful Soft Drinks Industry Levy to cover excessively salty food.



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