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The William Harvey Research Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Key people


Institute Management

Institute Manager
Gerald McLaren 

Deputy Institute Manager
Steven Coppen 

Centre Leads

Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging 
Professor Steffen Petersen, Dr Francesca Pugliese

Biochemical Pharmacology
Professor Federica Marrelli-Berg, Dr Dianne Cooper

Cardiovascular Medicine and Devices
Professor Anthony Mathur, Dr Vikas Kapil

Clinical Pharmacology and Precision Medicine
Professor Patricia Munroe, Dr Ajay Gupta

Professor Márta Korbonits, Professor Lou Metherell

Experimental Medicine and Rheumatology
Professor Constantino Pitzalis, Dr Michele Bombardieri, Professor Francesco Dell'Accio

Microvascular Research
Professor Sussan Nourshargh, Professor Ken Suzuki

Translational Medicine and Therapeutics
Professor Christoph Thiemermann, Professor Adrian Hobbs

Education Leads

Director of Education and Student Experience
Dr Dunja Aksentijevic

Director of Graduate Studies
Dr James Whiteford

Director of Education (Undergraduate)
Dr Sadani Cooray

Director of Academic Development
Professor Maralyn Druce 

WHRI Post-Graduate Taught Course Lead
Dr Eirini Marouli 

WHRI Deputy Lead for Teaching
Dr Vikas Kapil  

Education Manager
Dr Nina Ravic 

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