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The William Harvey Research Institute - Barts and The London

Key people

Professor Panos Deloukas - Director 

Professor Marta Korbonits - Deputy Director

Professor Constantino Pitzalis - Deputy Director

Gerald McLaren - Manager 

Steven Coppen - Deputy Manager

Professor Patricia McGettigan - Education Lead

Dr Peter King Education Lead

Professor Paul Chapple - Lead for Postgraduate Research

VACANT - Director of Academic Development

Dr Nina Ravic - Education Manager

Professor Steffen Petersen - Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging 

Professor Federica Marrelli-Berg - Biochemical Pharmacology

Professor Anthony Mathur - Cardiovascular Medicine and Device Innovation

Professor Andrew Tinker - Clinical Pharmacology 

Professor Paul Chapple - Endocrinology

Professor Costantino Pitzalis - Experimental Medicine and Rheumatology 

Professor Sussan Nourshargh - Microvascular Research

Professor Christoph Thiemermann - Translational Medicine and Therapeutics