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The William Harvey Research Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Centre for Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging

The Centre for Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging was established in 2010 under the leadership of Professor Steffen Petersen.

The overall research objectives of this world-renowned academic group are to:

  • Support research activities requiring non-invasive cardiac imaging in our NIHR Barts Biomedical Research Centre.
  • Use cardiac imaging to support stratified healthcare through optimal diagnosis, risk stratification, guidance of management and monitoring of treatment.
  • Develop new cardiac imaging biomarkers from method development to testing the impact on cardiovascular outcomes.
  • Support economic evaluations of non-invasive cardiac imaging in various clinical settings.
  • Collaborate on machine learning, deep learning and other artificial intelligence approaches to improve image acquisition, analysis, and reporting and ultimately develop clinical decision support systems for improving diagnosis, prognosis and management of patients with cardiovascular diseases.
  • Collaborate closely with clinical and clinical academic partners at Barts Heart Centre, in particular the Department of Cardiac Imaging. 


Our Centre was established in 2010 and initially supported through the NIHR Barts Biomedical Research Centre. This clinical-academic Centre is closely linked to the Department of Imaging at Barts Heart Centre, Barts Health NHS Trust and also collaborates closely with clinical academics from University College London. Together with Barts Heart Centre we offer highly rated cardiac imaging courses

One main focus of the Centre is to apply epidemiological and machine learning approaches to large-scale studies that have cardiac imaging available, such as UK Biobank (Professor Petersen co-leads the cardiac MRI sub-study) and the Barts BioResource. This research is multidisciplinary in nature with over 100 collaborators from over 20 centres from around the world. Much of our recent work has been published in high-impact journals as well as receiving significant media attention both on television and in print.

The Centre has an excellent track record of training clinical and non-clinical researchers at all levels from medical students to post-doctoral researchers. Many of these researchers have been awarded prestigious prizes at national and international conferences, have been successful in acquiring independent Fellowships and competitive NHS clinical-academic training posts, and have obtained academic positions in prominent hospitals, universities and laboratories.

We are a friendly, accessible and international team of researchers and welcome any enquiries from talented individuals, at any stage of their career, who would like to work with us.

Centre leadership

Core staff

  • Centre and Events Manager: Jane Batchelor
  • Assistant Director - Health and Imaging Informatics: Aaron Lee

Senior researchers (* if honorary)

  • Caroline Roney, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, Reader in Computational Medicine
  • Nay Aung, Senior Clinical Lecturer
  • Zahra Raisi-Estabragh, NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer
  • Liliana Szabo, Postdoc
  • Alexander Zolotarev, Postdoc
  • Mahmoud Ehnesh, Postdoc
  • Laura Bevis, Postdoc
  • Guy Lloyd*, Professor
  • Mohammed Khanji*, Reader
  • Marc Miquel*, Senior Lecturer
  • Sanjeev Bhattacharyya*, Senior Clinical Lecturer 

PhD students (^ if clinical)

  • Mihir Sanghvi^
  • Vijay Shyam Sundar^
  • Sucharitha Chadalavada^
  • Hafiz Naderi^
  • Bunny Saberwal^
  • Elisa Rauseo^
  • Shahid Karim^
  • Kerrick Hesse^
  • Nikhil Ahluwalia^
  • James Malcolmson
  • Sveeta Badiani
  • Jawza Aldakhil
  • Caterina Vidal Horrach
  • Ovais Jaffery
  • Fuyu (Felix) Cheng
  • Semhar Misghina
  • Gracia Andriamiadana 

Junior researchers (*if honorary)

  • Ross Thomson, NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow
  • Adil Mahmood, NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow
  • Dorina Condurache, Clinical Research Fellow
  • Carlos Lopez Barrera, Research Masters


Jane Batchelor, Centre/Events Manager 

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