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The William Harvey Research Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry


The William Harvey Research Foundation (WHRF) is the charitable foundation that supports the William Harvey Research Institute (WHRI).


There is limited funding for pioneering, early-stage research and therapeutic innovation. Very few charities focus on this. 

The WHRF has been quietly funding research projects for many years, but has now reached the point where the demand for funding exceeds current resources.

Innovative research at the WHRI has already advanced our knowledge of human diseases enabling the development of new treatments, in particular drug discovery, to address unmet medical need. But we need to accelerate new research to battle society’s current “perfect storm” of health issues and some of the most complex clinical challenges of any time. The Foundation seeks to fund more new research at the WHRI, covering targets across both common and rare diseases, leading to discoveries that will enable new therapies to be identified and existing drugs to be used for new purposes.

We need new funding to ignite further acceleration of medical technology and research, to increase our chances of discovering more cures to more diseases.

The Foundation welcomes support for its new campaign to raise £5 million over the next five years to fund more ‘Eureka!’ moments at WHRI, as well as extra resource and equipment for more established, but still early stage, research. As part of this campaign, WHR is also looking to help fund two Chairs in therapeutic innovation.


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