School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Summer semi- intensive summer classes

HSK exams and preparation classes 

The Confucius Institute at Queen Mary University is offering the following HSK Prep classes for students (QMUL and non- QMUL) who wish to undertake the HSK examination.

This programme has been developed by Dr. Junling Ding and Dr. Qian Bin, the Chinese teachers at the Confucius Institute, and aims to familiarise students with HSK content, practice test taking skills and offer study guidance for all levels.

You can find more information on the HSK test here HSK Test center 2018 info [PDF 256KB]

Note: All classes and exams will take place at the QMUL Mile End campus, E1 4NS

HSK Exam Prep Fees: £90 per course

  • HSK Level 1 Prep Class (MARCH) 
  • HSK Level 3 Prep Class (APRIL) 

 HSK exam dates will be:

    • Saturday 23rd March 
    • Sunday 14th April 
    • Sunday 16th June 






HSK Level 1 Prep Class

9.00am- 12.00pm


Monday 11th March and Tuesday 12th March

6 classroom hours

HSK Level 3 Prep Class




6 classroom hours



If you would like to do an alternative HSK level then please email and we will try and accommodate you.