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Chinese for Business

Course Summary

Strongly underpinned by both institutions' research in the areas of economics and finance, and drawing on the academic expertise of QMUL and BUPT, the QMUL Confucius Institute offers bespoke language, customs and doing business in China courses for professionals and executives in the business community preparing for a stay in China.

Flexible Weekly Business Mandarin courses

Our flexible language courses are designed to give you the skills you need to converse with your colleagues. We understand that learning a new language can be daunting, but by learning gradually with our weekly language courses, your confidence will grow as your knowledge of the language improves.

Why Choose QMUL Confucius Institute?

  • Flexible Learning

We offer you one-to-one training with one of our native Chinese Mandarin language teachers.

  • Times and Locations to Suit You

We know that you are busy, so our experienced staff can visit your premises to deliver training, or arrangements can be made for individuals or small groups to visit the QMUL campus.

  • Zoom and TEAMS
  • Relaxed Environment- Learn in the comfort of your own home or office.

We can also provide training at any time of day or remotely via Skype. With one-to-one training you can change the time and day of your lesson from week to week to fit in with your changing work commitments.

No Travel Time - Leaving you free to focus on the language.

  • Tailored Content

The Flexible Weekly Language Course is individually designed and delivery of courses to suit your needs and times when you are available.

  • Free Consultation

We’ll discuss your current level of the language you need to learn, as well as your objectives, so that we can provide exactly the training you need.


Time:  Courses can be delivered whenever convenient 

Venue: Your Company (at a place of your convenience), or at our main campus in Mile End

Trainer/s: QMUL Confucius Institute teachers

Content: A tailor made programme based on your requirements

Price: £100 per hour

How to enrol

  1. Please contact Oley Begum to discuss your requirements
  2. QMUL Confucius Institute will draft a tailor-made programme for your approval
  3. Once the draft has been approved a contract and invoice will be sent out to you or your company.