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How to choose your Insessional module

Do you need help to write an Essay or Report?

Queen Mary’s Insessional writing modules can help you.

Information on our Writing modules. As you can see, there is some overlap. Anyone is welcome to join our courses, and you can enrol on up to three. This is just a guide to help you choose.

Do you want to understand the difference between normal and academic writing?

What are the key points? How do we do it?

Principles of Academic Writing could be for you. This module takes you systematically through the elements of writing at university.

Are you going to write your first assignment at a British university?

Preparing for your first assignment will help you. It will help you face this task and dispel your fears.

Do you want the key points in just five weeks?

The Process of Writing will make it easy for you. All the key points in just five weeks.

Are you a Postgraduate or PhD student who will need to write a dissertation?

Research Writing Workshops will give you focused help, given by experts in the field.

Are you interested in the way to structure arguments and how to avoid plagiarism?

Structuring Arguments and Avoiding Plagiarism will show you how to integrate your reading and your points in such a way as to persuade the reader.

Are you concerned with eliminating common errors and improving/editing your writing?

Proofreading and Editing Skills could be for you. It looks at how to improve your writing, both on the surface and more in-depth. Aspects of punctuation, sentence structure, cohesion, paragraphing, and redundancy, are covered.

Would you like to expand your vocabulary? Understand the different tone and style you can create by choice of words?

Expand your Vocabulary in English can help you here. It will also give you pointers on how to develop your vocabulary by yourself.

Interested in improving your listening and/or speaking?

Queen Mary’s Insessional speaking and listening modules can help you.

Would you like advice on how to focus on lectures and get the most from them?

Academic Listening could help you. This module takes you through different types of lecture with advice on how to pick out the substance.

Do you need to make presentations and would you like to practise and get feedback?

Making Effective Presentations is the answer. In five weeks we will help you build up confidence and make the presentation that you want.

Maybe you need advice and practice on taking part in seminars?

Effective Participation in Seminars is the course for you. Again in five weeks we will give you confidence and practice.

Perhaps you’re interested in making your pronunciation more local or intelligible, or just interested in learning about the subject?

English Pronunciation Skills is bound to hold your interest and bring you some benefit, whatever your motivation.

Perhaps you want to socialise more, or want advice on how to improve your conversation skills in English?

English in Social Settings is a popular course which can help you here, whatever your subject of study.

Want to improve your reading or grammar?

Queen Mary’s Insessional modules can help you here too.

Would you like to be able to deal better with all the reading that you have to do, and practise integrating in into your writing?

In From Reading to Writing we help you negotiate texts, deal with the challenges and respond to what you read.

Are you keen to read some literature, although this is not your main degree area?

English through Literature takes a series of texts, short stories, extracts, or poems, to engage your interest and also help you learn.

Do you want to understand the principles of argumentation?

Reading and Writing Critically takes a systematic look at how writers present and argue points, how you should read between the lines, and how your writing could benefit from this.

Is your grammar letting you down, and do you want to know the principles behind it?

Grammar in Context is for you. As it says, the course presents grammar in different contexts, so that learning it can be fun and illuminating.

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