Everyone can be the one through Clearing

Everyone can be the one through Clearing

Clearing and Adjustment

Clearing is the opportunity for you to find a course that suits you and your aspirations. Whether you’ve changed your mind, your results were not as you expected or you’ve just started to consider university, here's your chance to find out about all the courses available. 

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Key dates

To help with your journey through Clearing, we’ve listed the key dates for your diary to help you prepare in advance of the day.

  • Firm/insurance decision deadline: 
    • If you have received decisions on your choices by 20 May: Saturday 10 June 2021
    • If you applied a little later and received decisions on your applications by 13 July: 14 July 2021
  • Clearing starts: Monday 5 July 2021
  • IB Results day: Monday 5 July 2021
  • A-level results day: Tuesday 10 August 2021
  • GCSE results day:  Thursday 12 August 2021

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Top tips for Clearing

Start by researching courses you might be interested in and make a list of universities to call on results day. Doing this in advance will mean you’re prepared when Clearing opens and you’ll have a better chance of securing a place on your chosen course.

Once you’ve selected the course(s) that you’d like to apply to, take time to also consider your accommodation options if you’re planning on studying away from home.

Many universities offer campus accommodation that suits different budgets and lifestyles and they often work with local property agencies that can help you find a room, apartment or flat share in the vicinity of university.

You’ll need to phone and speak directly to your chosen universities in order to secure a place on one of their courses. Try to call as soon as their hotlines open. 

Our Clearing hotline will be available from Monday 5 July 2021.

If you have any questions or need support, advice and guidance in the meantime, you can contact our Admissions team by completing our online form. We will then arrange a Call Back for you.

Information you will need:

  1. Your UCAS Personal ID number
  2. Your qualification results (for example: A-level, IB, GCSE)
  3. Your personal statement (you may be asked about your motivations to study this course, so make sure you highlight your love for the subject).

To confirm your place, you will need to make your final decision on UCAS Track. Universities will give you a deadline which are typically valid for a few days.

Once you’ve decided and referred your application, the university will complete a final check and send you a confirmation letter and your Track status will change.