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Preparing for Clearing

If you think that you might go into Clearing, you can start preparing even before you get your results.

Steps to prepare

Step one - Do your research

You have already done a lot of research when you made your initial applications, but your Clearing applications don’t have to stick to those same subjects. You are going to be studying this subject for several years, so think about what really excites you. This might be something you studied in college, or it could be something completely new.  

Check our clearing course listing when available, or if you are researching early use our undergraduate course finder to explore what you might be interested in. Make sure to look at the details, such as the modules on the course, so you get a really good idea of what you will be studying and if it’s right for you. 

Take lots of notes, especially if you’re looking at similar courses at different universities. This will help you stay organised on Results Day. 

Step two - Consider where the course can take you

When you’re trying to decide on a course, think about your future plans and ask yourself the following questions -

  • Where do I want to be five years after I graduate?
  • How will this course help me get there?

You could search for job listings and see what kind of qualifications they require. This research can guide you when thinking about the course you want to study.  

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