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For parents and carers

Parents and Carers' Guide to Clearing

Learn more about Clearing, and how you can support your child or ward through the process.

If your child/ward has their results, they can apply via Clearing now.
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Clearing explained

What is Clearing?

Clearing is another route for students to get a place at university. It’s part of the UCAS process where universities list all of the places they still have available and your child/ward can apply once they receive results for any qualifications they are studying this year (including A levels).

Who can apply through Clearing?

Students can use Clearing if one of the four apply:

  • They’ve applied after 30 June
  • They didn’t meet the conditions of their offer
  • They’ve changed their mind about what/where they wish to study
  • They’ve declined their Firm place or missed the deadline to accept.

How can I support my child/ward in Clearing?

  • Do your research: By reading the information on this page, you’re already doing this step! Find out what Clearing is and how it works. When Clearing opens on 5 July, you can make note of what universities are open for Clearing.
  • Don’t panic! – It’s very easy for your child/ward to get caught up in the rush of results day and this is where you come in. Be positive and supportive, talk to your young person about their options and what they want to do.
  • Be prepared: If they know they will want to use Clearing and are waiting for results, talk to your child/ward before results day and make a list of key contacts for them to call, such a university Clearing numbers .

Most importantly of all, remind them that they shouldn’t rush this decision. 

When does Clearing open?

Clearing opens on 5 July 2024 and our friendly advisers are available to support your child/ward on their journey to study at Queen Mary. 

Remember, your child/ward can only apply via Clearing once they have received their results. 

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We have a few webinars on Results Day and Clearing which you and your child/ward may be interested in.

Take part in our online course

If you want to find out more about Clearing and Results Day in your own time, you and your child/ward can take part in our online course. This course will help you understand UCAS Clearing processes and how you can best prepare for results day.

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