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Clearing success stories

We spoke to Queen Mary students past and present who shared their advice and explained how  Clearing can be a positive experience with a brilliant outcome.

How Shane’s Clearing breakthrough made a career change possible

Shane decided to apply to Queen Mary University of London through Clearing to pursue a career change. Now, he’s studying Chemistry, learning from our leading academics and pioneers in Green Chemistry. 

A lot of my lecturers are pioneers in Green Chemistry and the research they're doing is at the forefront of Environmental Science.
— Shane, Chemistry

Paneez discovered creativity in her English degree after a breakthrough in Clearing

Paneez applied to Queen Mary University of London through Clearing after realising her passion for English and literature.  

“My expectations of Clearing was that it was going to be very stressful. When I called Queen Mary, it was actually a very peaceful process. My advice to those students who are going through Clearing this year is do not panic.” 

My breakthrough moment at Queen Mary was probably by my third lecture when I was studying Shakespeare. I realised the degree was nothing like the A-levels and you actually have the opportunity to be really creative and express yourself through various different mediums.
— Paneez, English

Lisa's Clearing breakthrough created opportunities in the heart of London's finance sector

Lisa prepared for Clearing in advance and was able to secure her place in Finance at Queen Mary University of London.   

"I chose to apply to Queen Mary because it was in London, it was a pure Finance degree and it had very good partner universities to go for a year abroad program." 


I expected that Clearing was going to be a very stressful and long process. And actually, it turns out that it's a very easy and straightforward process.
— Lisa, Finance

Bijoy's breakthrough in Clearing paved the way to a first-class degree and PhD research  

Bijoy joined Queen Mary University of London through Clearing and went on to win the Principal’s Prize for Biomedical Engineering in his second year. After having his work included in a published research paper, Bijoy is now studying a PhD in Materials Science at Queen Mary. 

Queen Mary was always on the cards for was a Russell Group University in London. So when I saw my course in Clearing exactly how I wanted it, it was a bit of a no-brainer really.
— Bijoy, Materials Science
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