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Clearing success stories

If you had your heart set on studying a particular programme or at a particular university, it's understandable that Clearing can seem stressful. But by applying through Clearing, you're still on track to study a programme you love at a brilliant university. 

We spoke to Queen Mary students past and present who have shared their advice and explain how Clearing at Queen Mary can be a positive experience with a fantastic outcome.

Career success

Picture of Sabrina Alam, Theoretical Physics BSc 2018

Our students secure internships and placements that increase their employability prospects.

"I found out about the internship at Avention after reading one of the newsletters sent by the Careers and Enterprise team. I received a lot of support from my departmental careers officer which definitely helped with the challenging three-stage interview process. My internship allowed me to get practical experience in the corporate world of the City and gave me the opportunity to develop invaluable business contacts. It was hard work but it helped me to challenge myself. I was then offered a permanent position at the company by the Senior VP himself.

I am now contracting as a Project Manager with the Department for Transport (DFT). In September, I am moving to Strasbourg to complete a masters in Space Science at the International Space University."

Sabrina Alam, Theoretical Physics BSc 2018

Campus community

Portrait picture of Harriet Spoor

Not only do our students get to live in London, they also get to enjoy all the advantages of campus life, including a friendly student community, safety and convenience.

"Knowing that universities like Queen Mary welcome students with open arms, regardless of background, was a big factor in giving me the confidence to use Clearing."

"My first year has been fantastic. I’ve been surprised how much I feel part of the university even though I don’t live on campus. There’s a very familial, communal feel about Queen Mary - a real focus on everyone being involved both socially and academically."

Harriet Spoor, now studying BA Politics.

An exciting social life

We want you to make the most of student life and don't expect you to spend all your time in the classroom. At Queen Mary University of London, there are lots of opportunities to try new things, make new friends, and travel to exotic places.

Tanzina Khatun, Geography BA 2017

"My favourite thing about Queen Mary is how friendly everyone is. I first visited the campus when I was at school for a robotics workshop and feel like I've fitted in ever since. When I say you fit in here, I don’t mean you become a blur in the crowd - you get to create your own unique experience within a supportive environment. I'm involved with a sports programme called Get Active. We run around forty different sports sessions a week and have the chance to train with professionals. I've also performed at spoken word events, volunteered at the London Marathon, and studied Spanish in Colombia as part of Queen Mary’s summer school programme. You get to try a lot here."

Tanzina Khatun, Geography BA 2017

"Do your research"

“My journey into Medicine was not 'traditional' so to speak and Queen Mary was a major stepping stone in making that happen.

“I first applied to Medicine in 2014. Unfortunately, I didn't achieve my predicted grades, resulting in rejections. I was devastated and doubt clouded my mind.I wasn't prepared to take a gap year, so that triggered my search into options via Clearing. As Medicine wasn't available in Clearing that year, I looked into Alternatives to Medicine courses and the Life Sciences and narrowed my choices to either Biomedical Sciences or Biochemistry

“As I wanted to stay in London, Queen Mary was one of my top options. I contacted the Clearing Hotline and the person I spoke to was very helpful and friendly, which was exactly what I needed whilst I was recovering from receiving rejections! I asked about Biochemistry and fortunately, I got the very last spot of the course!

I had such a positive experience studying at Queen Mary, when I reapplied to Medicine during my final year, I put Queen Mary as my firm choice, and secured my place!
— Giulia Oluwabunmi Olayemi, BSc Biochemistry

“My three years doing Biochemistry at Queen Mary were incredible. I was given the opportunity and flexibility to deepen my understanding of the topics I was interested in and engage with a variety of student groups through the Students' Union. My tutor, who was a professor and researcher, provided both academic and pastoral support. I felt welcomed into a diverse community of students and staff.

“Having been through the Clearing process, I would recommend for you to do a bit of research so you have a few options to consider. Make sure you choose a subject that you would be happy to do. Lastly, don't be afraid to speak to the Clearing/Admissions teams! I can say that Queen Mary, they are understanding and is the main reason why I chose to continue studying here.”

Giulia Oluwabunmi Olayemi, BSc Biochemistry, now studying Medicine

Work experience

Many of our students undertake work experience while they study with us. At Queen Mary University of London, there are hundreds of opportunities to take up part-time and voluntary work in different sectors.

A picture of Taneesha Jones-Seale, Psychology BSc 2016

"Clinical Psychology is an incredibly competitive field. Even with a good degree, I knew I would need some valuable work experience too. The Queen Mary Students’ Union offers lots of opportunities to volunteer locally in a variety of sectors. They helped me secure a placement at St John’s Hospice in North West London where I cared for people with life-limiting illnesses. It was a really eye-opening experience that has helped prepare me for the sorts of difficult situations I will face in my career. My placement strengthened my passion for my chosen field and has put me on the right path to achieving my goals.

Since graduating, I have been able to secure employment in psychological settings. I have been employed as a support worker with two different client groups: people with mental health conditions, as well as people with acquired brain injuries. I am also an honorary assistant psychologist in an NHS hospital."

Taneesha Jones-Seale, Psychology BSc 2016

Inspirational teaching

Lewis Thomas, Global Health BSc 2019

At Queen Mary University of London, you'll be taught by world-leading researchers, which means your degree will reflect the latest thinking, technology and discoveries. 

"Global Health is a multidisciplinary degree. We’ve studied a wide-variety of subjects, including anthropology, sciences, international politics and current affairs. With every module and every lecturer you learn something new, so you never get bored. The lecturers are really experienced and really passionate. They are all teaching because they love what they are doing and they want to impart that knowledge to us."

Lewis Thomas, Global Health BSc 2019 

Life in the capital

Studying at Queen Mary University of London means studying in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

A picture of Antonia Papoutsi, Biomedical Sciences BSc 2019

"Moving to London from Greece was a huge step in my life. The first months were a culture shock, but eventually I became part of London. I realised how easy it was to find great friends from all around the world. The best thing about living in London is that you can never get bored. There are so many things to do and so many places to explore that make London a very unique place to live. After living in London for nine months, I can honestly say that I have seen only a small part of London’s beauty and culture. It feels like I’m living the dream."

Antonia Papoutsi, Biomedical Sciences BSc 2019


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