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What to do on Results Day

Results Day can be stressful. It is important to stay organised, but above all else look after yourself.

Look after yourself

  • Try to get as much rest as possible the night before
  • Eat well and make sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated
  • Take breaks throughout the day.

What to do on the day

Step one - Check your UCAS Hub 

A-Level results should be available on your UCAS Hub from 8am on 17 August. You will be able to see whether your Firm or Insurance choices has confirmed your place or not.

If your place is confirmed

Congratulations! Time to celebrate. There’s no need to call the university to check this and you'll receive an email with everything you need shortly. 

If there’s no decision showing

You should contact us even if you haven't quite met the conditions of your offer, we may still confirm your place.  If you think you may have the grades to study at Queen Mary, you can check our Clearing vacancies and grade checker to confirm you meet our entry requirements.

If both choices have been declined

Don’t panic. You’ll be able to apply for a place with us through Clearing.  

Step two - Use our Clearing grade checker

Our Clearing coursefinder lists all the courses that are available in Clearing. This will give you information about the course as well as the grades you will need.

Think about the courses you might be interested in studying. This doesn’t have to be the same subject you originally applied to, so do some research about what is a good fit. Make a shortlist so that if any of them fill up quickly, you have others that you can enquire about.  

What happens when you call us on results day

When you call us, have all the information ready to hand. You’ll need the following:  

  • UCAS ID number
  • Grades achieved
  • Course(s) you’re interested in (including the course code)
  • Name, date of birth, phone number and other relevant information. We may need to check these for security and confidentiality

If you want someone to call on your behalf, such as your parent or guardian, we will need your authorisation to speak to them. If they aren’t already listed as your nominated contact on UCAS, you’ll need to be on hand to give us permission before we can speak to them.  

Before you call, think about any questions you might like to ask and write them down so that you don’t forget. We would also recommend that you have something to write on during the call, as you may want to take notes. 

Find the various ways to contact us on our Clearing page.

We know that this is a stressful time and we’re here to help. Take your time. When you call us, try to be in a quiet place where you can relax and won’t feel rushed.  

When you get through to us, we’ll ask for your details and the course you’re interested in. We’ll double check if the course is still available in Clearing and that you meet the entry requirements. If not, we might be able to suggest similar courses that you are eligible for.  

If you have any questions, now’s the time to ask and our advisers will try to assist you with your questions. If you’re contacting several universities then you might have more than one unofficial Clearing offer. You want to make sure that you’re making the right choice so get as much information as you need.  

If we make you an unofficial offer, we’ll send an email confirmation with all the information you need, so keep an eye out for it. You’ll then need to put in an official application through your UCAS Hub.

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