School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Insessional English Programme

Modules that Focus on Academic Writing:

Modules in this group give you an opportunity to explore and develop your writing in different academic genres.  You will analyse texts to understand the relationship between audience, purpose and content. Issues of fluency, clarity and correctness will also be examined. You will practise using sources appropriately to develop essays and learn skills of paraphrasing and referencing. There will be regular opportunities to practise writing and to receive feedback on writing from your class tutor and peers.

Modules that Focus on Listening and Speaking  

Modules in this group are designed for students who want to improve their listening and speaking skills in English in both formal and informal settings.  The listening strategies learnt on these modules will help you get the most out of your lectures and in social situations. You will participate in presentations, seminar discussions, and role-plays in class with the tutor monitoring these activities and giving feedback on correct pronunciation, appropriate word choice and levels of formality.

Modules that Focus on Reading

Modules in this group are designed for students who are at an advanced level of English and enjoy reading.  You will study models of effective writing from different genres and through a close analysis of these texts explore how your writing can be refined through reading.   Deconstructing and analysing selections of texts from literary genres and academic journals will help raise awareness of how the stylistic and linguistic devices function in these genres.

Modules that Focus on Accuracy

Modules in this group are designed for students who want to improve the correctness of their spoken and written expression by focusing on grammatical accuracy. You will get opportunities to improve your awareness of how grammatical rules operate in context and practise autonomously noticing and correcting grammatical errors.  

When does it start?

Registration opens in MySIS from Week 0 of term 1. For Term 2, registration begins at the beginning of December.

Insessional module classes begin in week 2 or week 8 (some five-week modules only, as specified). In term 2, they begin in week 2.

Credit bearing modules for Associate students begin in Week 2.

Critical Thinking and Writing in Law modules for students of CCLS begin in Week 2

How to Register 

To register for these modules,  you need to log in to MySIS, click on Insessional Course Bookings, then follow the links to the modules you have chosen and follow the instructions.Times of classes will be given and you may be asked to choose your time based on the faculty you will be studying in or there may be a General option.

Convenor: Alan Hart

Please email any questions to Spela Gruden