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IT Services

Finding PCs

There are a number of rooms around the campus that contain computers which students can use. You can sign in using your QMUL username and password.

Some of these are also timetabled for teaching, but if there isn’t a class in the room the computers can be used by anyone however we ask that you vacate the room 10 minutes before any teaching is scheduled (unless you are part of the class for which it is scheduled, of course).

There are a large number of computers in the Library that are never timetabled for teaching.

In general, any computer you use will have all the applications that you need for your course available to you. There are some exceptions for more specialised software, particularly in Computer Science, Economics and Engineering. Your School will let you know where to find any specialist software that you need.

Find an available PC on campus

We have a big campus and computer rooms can be especially busy as deadlines approach. We publish an interactive map showing which rooms have empty seats. This is available here - - and also on screens around the campus.

The opening hours of some rooms vary and may be shorter during the vacation periods, further details can be found on Teaching Room Facilities website.

Using our Windows 10 computers

  • Sign out: Please remember to sign out when you’ve finished by clicking on your name on the start screen. If you forget, the computer will automatically sign you out after 45 minutes of inactivity, but other students might be waiting to use it.
  • Lock it: If you have to walk away from the computer for a few minutes, it’s important to lock the computer in order to protect your work and prevent others using your account or signing you out –click on your name on the start screen and choose the lock option.
  • Forget something? Don’t forget to take your USB memory stick or hard drive with you. If you leave it behind, check at a Library Welcome Desk or the IT Services Reception to see if someone has handed it in.

For more information about using Windows 10 and how you can customise it, please check out our user guide [PDF 874KB] or visit our Support pages. 

Please remember that misuse of QMUL services, such as using computers for junk mail, pornography, harassment, games or hacking, will lead to the loss of computing privileges and possible disciplinary action.

Software and hardware

Each PC consists of an Intel i7, quad core, with 16GB RAM, DVD R/W and USB ports for connections of memory sticks, touch screen user interfaces, and wide variety of other peripherals, running Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

Currently we operate a strict policy of prohibiting software installation onto the local hard disk. For details about the software available on our computers, please view the ‘software on student PCs’ page.

You also have access to the following drives:

  • G drive: - is used primarily for personal filestore, and user settings.
  • J drive: - is used primarily for academics to share files and folders with students.
  • L drive: - is used to host a wide array of applications that haven’t been installed locally on the C drive.

How to request additional software

Request for additional software applications in lecture theatres and student PCs can be done via our Requests must be made by Staff* and a minimum of 15** business days is required to perform software evaluation and installation. Requested software must be tested by the person requesting the software or somebody with the appropriate skills to carry out the required tests at least 5 business days before class/course commencement.
Software request should include the following:

1.       Software Title
2.       Software installation media or web link where the software can be downloaded from
3.       Software install location (e.g. specific PC lab or service wide)
4.       Software licensing information (i.e. Is there a license file? Is license server access required? How many seats is the software licensed for?)
5.       Course Start Date

*Students should discuss any additional software requirements with their course tutor

** Although a period of 15 business days is given as a minimum, a software installation can sometimes involve a substantial amount of technical work. This work might result in the installation taking more than 15 business days. It is advisable to inform IT Services at least 2 months prior to the anticipated initial use in a class or course.

NOTE: IT Services are obliged to evaluate the software to ascertain that it doesn't violate any of our security policies.

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